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SFS College

Campus Culture

Desalites shall endeavour to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the students of the University in their dress, demeanour and sense of discipline. They shall greet their teachers on first meeting them for the day within the premises of the college, and whenever they meet in public. Desalites shall treat college property with utmost care and consideration. They shall not make any mark on the furniture or College walls. Any damage or destruction of college property shall be punishable individually/collectively.

Desalites should maintain a sense of decorum and discipline at all times both inside and outside the College. Those who are guilty of serious misconduct or whose presence in the college proves detrimental to the order and discipline on the campus are liable to be expelled. The code of conduct on the campus includes safeguarding college property, keeping the place clean and dressing modestly.

Students should avoid wearing tight, transparent or revealing cloths.
Sleeveless cloths, round neck T-shirts and T-shirts with slogans/inscriptions are not permitted. Boys are expected to be in full pants and clean shirts. Low waist-pants with several large pockets are not permitted. Girls are expected to dress modestly. They are not permitted to wear short salwars/kurtha. Girls are expected to wear churidar and kameez with dupatta. All Desalites are expected to come in complete uniform (blazer, tie and full sleeves and black leather shoes with black socks) on all Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesday and Saturday students are permitted to come in modest casual wear. Please note that torn jeans, round neck T- Shirts are banned in the college campus.

The first Class of the each day begins with College anthem followed by National Anthem after which students shall pray and be composed to learn and gain wisdom. Desalite shall not be allowed to enter the class late rather s/he could sit in the library and gain attendance. Action will be taken against students if found loitering in the corridors and creating disturbance. Students are requested to make use of the library during free hours. Congregating in front or at the entrance of the college or around the college office or principal's office are to be avoided. No one shall sit on the stairs of the college entrance at any time of the day.

Desalites must display their identity card whenever they come to the college and show it to the persons concerned whenever asked for (especially to the discipline committee). The hallmark of a Desalite is cleanliness and candor. This shall be evident in keeping the campus clean and green. Use of cell phone inside the College building is strictly prohibited with zero tolerance. However in the event of an emergency situation, the necessary communication can be had from the campus and not from within the college building. Defaulters in this regard, will be punished with severe fine and confiscation of the device as it is a violation of supreme court's order.