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St. Francis de Sales College is manned by the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS) of South West India Province, who firmly believe that 'the education of the heart is the heart of education' hailed by its founder Fr. Peter Marie Mermier. The MSFS Fathers have nearly two centuries of experience and expertise in imparting quality higher education in every continent of the world. The MSFS Fathers are optimistically committed to forming the 'Future world citizens' through more than 160 quality educational institutions in India and abroad.

The college is named after St. Francis de Sales, the patron of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, who considered, knowledge as the eighth sacrament. We believe that true education is directed towards the formation of the human personality for the good of the society. Hence, we aim to motivate the young to strive for excellence and to become integrated persons who willingly shoulder the responsibility for building a just and humane society. Thus SFS College befits everyone's educational requirements, particularly of the backward classes and the less privileged sections of Kolar.

St. Francis de Sales College is a minority institution with a secular outlook. Rev. Dr.Thomas Kalari Parambil MSFS, the Provincial along with his Council in 2023 envisioned to begin a College at Tamaka, Kolar, which can cater to the people of Kolar, Malur, Srinivaspur, Mulbagal and KGF. People of these taluks used to find it hard to send their youth to the city colleges that would charge them exuberantly. Besides, the parents were afraid of their ward's attendance, travel troubles and other intricacies that endanger common student's life.

The Council took the decision taking into consideration that the MSFS Congregation had about 40 years of its presence in these taluks. These area was held high potential for an educational institution of higher learning. The findings of the several Committees presented and our own educational experiences in the existing Pre University College at Tamaka, Kolar recommended to go ahead with St. Francis De Sales College. Thus the MSFS Fathers of South West India Province have decided to start St. Francis de Sales College at Tamaka, Kolar in June 2023 with the motto Excellence, Transformation and Efficiency. The College is affiliated to Bangalore North University, one of the largest State Universities in India.

St. Francis de Sales College has a humble beginning with a few students. St. Francis de Sales PU College in the same campus at this stage was in its perfect shape. It flourished numerically as well as academically as one of the top PU colleges in Kolar district. Therefore, it was an easy task to move further with St. Francis de Sales College. Fr. Joseph Thoppil MSFS is appointed as its first principal and Fr. Vinod Joseph Kanattu MSFS is appointed as its first manager. Both the principal, and the manager toiled hard and their futuristic vision led to perfect venture of starting the new college. The existing infrastructure in the PU college and the financial stability is an added advantage. Rev. Dr. Thomas Kalari Parambil MSFS, eminent educationist had already envisaged to cater the educational need of this locality. In his capacity as a provincial of the South West India Province, along with the administration constantly encouraged and made every effort to materialize this long cherished dream of starting St. Francis de Sales College at Tamaka, Kolar. The College is looking forward to provide an excellent educational track as well as infrastructure and quality education. In the academic year 2023 the college received its necessary permission to start Under graduation courses. Hence, with the stern efforts of the principal and the manager two main courses are introduced for the academic year 2023-24, i.e., BCA and B.Com. The institution also began a Centre for counselling and research with an aim of helping the needy children with counselling and therapy. Every petal in this pot of great learning is called ‘The Desalite’. The college want every Desalite to become a responsible citizen with the right knowledge they acquire. The college also is looking forward to introduce many more certificate courses and other Under graduate courses. Now with all these new things introduced the college is getting ready to be a full pledged degree college in the near future.