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SFS College

Vision & Mission


To provide a centre of excellence for a holistic formation of the young who are capable of both transforming themselves and acting as catalysts of transformation in society so as to become the epitome of efficiency, mastering their life-situations and building a progressive and secular nation with an optimistic global outlook.


• To impart quality higher education and to offer professional skills
• To inculcate cultural and moral values towards transformation of learning into positive behaviour of students
• To foster faith in God, to motivate service-orientation and to strengthen humanism.
• To focus on innovative teaching and learning in a technology enabled, inter-disciplinary environment


The following core values are upheld in the College in order to provide an all-inclusive and holistic growth. All are expected to personalize these values in their lives during their association with the college.
• Faith in God
• True Patriotism
• Simplicity of Life
• Foster Team Work
• Respect for Diversity
• Quest for Knowledge
• Respect to Faculty and Staff
• Honesty, Truthfulness and Hard Work
• Commitment to Quality Campus Environment.